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20/08/2021 | Fonte: SONHO SEGURO

Bain Research Shows Insurance Customers Prefer Human Contact Channels

NPS Prism highlights the importance of the role of brokers and banks in the acquisition of new products and services

Through NPS Prism, Bain & Company measured the main channels used by clients of the main insurance companies in Brazil and concluded that human contacts, especially brokers and banks, still have great relevance and appear as the main channel for 60% of respondents. “This is because the customer experience is still, in general, better through the broker than through digital channels, as measured by the NPS rating”, comments Luiza Mattos, a partner at Bain & Company, in a press release.

According to the survey, the NPS of a broker’s service was up to 22 points better than that of the Call Center and between 12 and 18 points higher when compared to a completely digital service.

The survey also pointed out the importance of keeping the customer satisfied in the same channel, since the shift from digital to human makes the customer less satisfied with the experience. In auto insurance, for example, customers who start their episodes on digital channels reduce their NPS by 15 points, on average, when they are forced to migrate to a human service.

Customer satisfaction levels vary by episode type. Acquisition, for example, are still dependent on brokers, who are the initial channel for 52% of customers. While payment management and claim follow-up have greater penetration of digital channels (53%), followed by call center (38%).

The entry of digital players into the insurance industry has also impacted channels, as new all-digital auto, life and pension insurance companies emerge in the market. “This confirms that the insurance industry is behind the other branches of financial services in digitization and major players need to be aware of the current movement of remote services”, adds Mattos.


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