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12/11/2020 | Fonte: CQCS

Brazil’s largest shopping site invests in insurance sales

After consolidating its image as a platform that allows internet users to advertise, buy, pay and sell products and services over the internet, Mercado Livre invests heavily now in the marketing of insurance, through partnerships with companies in the sector.

In the case of the agreement signed with Thinkseg and Generali, for the sale of Pay Per Use auto insurance through the Free Market, the expansion of sales to other types of coverage is already planned. “In the contract signed with Mercado Livre, Thinkseg and Generali have exclusivity in the sale of Pay Per Use auto insurance. We started with this auto insurance to later explore other products”, says Thinkseg CEO, Andre Gregori in a statement to the market this Thursday, the 29th.

He adds that the monthly amount of Pay Per Use, for basic cars, starts from R $ 25.00, guaranteeing coverage for accidents, theft and theft. The vehicle owner pays the fixed monthly fee, plus cents for each kilometer driven.

Gregori also explains that the agreement with Mercado Livre will increase the access of Brazilians to innovative auto insurance in Brazil, in which the person pays for what he uses, that is, for the kilometers he has traveled to have full coverage of the car insurance.


Mercado Livre also signed an agreement with Pitzi, a cell phone insurance startup. According to a report published on the Terra portal, the sale of smartphone protection plans through the e-commerce website aims to offer more accessible ways for the service’s popularity to grow among Brazilians.

According to the news, the initiative came during the pandemic, when the cell phone started to be perceived as one of the main personal goods used by the Brazilian. With the help of Mercado Livre, the founder of Pitzi, Daniel Hatkoff, developed a way to ensure more security to keep the cell phone in use for a longer time. ”We started to develop a product that could guarantee that all customers of Mercado Livre , who were buying by cell phone, could have their device protected. We built a fully digital product, with integrated experience. It is a very big initiative for the insurance and e-commerce technology market ”, says Hatkoff.

The amounts depend on the plan and model of the user’s cell phone, but, on average, insurance can cost between R $ 15.00 and R $ 80.00 per month.

Payment is made through Mercado Pago, the financial platform of Mercado Livre.

According to Hatkoff, the expectation is that, in five years, 95% of the Brazilian population with a cell phone has contracted an insurance service for the cell phone. Today, this percentage is only 16%.



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