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07/07/2023 | Fonte: SONHO SEGURO

Correios will sell Previsul insurance at branches in 2024

Objective is the diversification of services and financial recovery
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Denise Bueno

Source: Brazil Agency

In pursuit of service diversification and as a financial recovery strategy, Correios began offering insurance products at branches and digital channels. The service will be offered in partnership with the winner of the bidding process, Previsul, which proposed the investment of R$ 150 million in investments in the public company.

The start of operations is scheduled for January 2024, when the more than 10,000 branches distributed in all Brazilian municipalities will start selling life, home, funeral and varied risk insurance, to serve clients in both the professional and commercial areas. guys.

In a note, the institution informed that with the investment, Correios will be able to set up a new division, which will be exclusively responsible for offering the service.

According to the president of Correios, Fabiano Silva dos Santos, this is the first of a series of actions that the company should announce in the coming months, within the revenue recovery strategy. After a crisis that began before the pandemic and the impact caused on the economy by covid-19, the company was withdrawn from the National Privatization Program and is betting on expanding the branch network and on the long experience of serving the public to achieve recovery. economical. “Our strategy is to diversify and expand Correios’ services, in order to increase the relevance of the state-owned company in the market and meet the needs of the population, providing consumers with a reliable and accessible option in the insurance segment”, explains Fabiano.

Previsul is a company with 110 years of experience in the sector, which is part of the French company CNP Assurance. As the winner of the bid, it will be able to offer the insurance service at the Post Office for ten years, after which it may renew the contract for the same period.


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