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21/02/2024 | Fonte: CNseg

Digital Transformation reaches the settlement of Auto Insurance claims

Source: CNseg.

The insurance industry is experiencing a digital revolution that is profoundly transforming the way auto insurance operations are carried out. This impact is especially notable in claims regulation and settlement as the industry adapts to the online era. The integration of various technologies now allows policyholders to receive compensation in an astonishing average of five days after submitting all necessary documentation, which represents a drastic reduction in the claims settlement time. This contrasts with the previous period, which could last up to 30 days, as established by the Private Insurance Superintendence (Susep), the insurance market supervision entity.

Keila Farias, vice-president of the Auto Insurance Commission of the National General Insurance Federation (FenSeg), praises the market’s magical moment:

“It is notable how insurance companies have invested in technology to speed up the customer service process, from reporting a claim to evaluating and releasing payments. The introduction of tools, such as digital claim notification, digital inspection and communication via chatbox, also brings more convenience and efficiency for policyholders. Furthermore, the use of external databases and geolocation to understand the claim situation demonstrates a significant advance in the insurance industry”

Technology and innovation against inequalities in investments

Even though investments in technology are at different stages between companies, Keila highlights that they are convergent in order to provide a more complete and satisfactory experience for customers. This improvement is not only limited to the speed of paying compensation for total or partial loss, but also extends to additional services offered through 24-hour Assistance, which includes everything from domestic emergencies to support in different situations for policyholders in this portfolio.

The success of online insurance settlement, he recognizes, has to do, in particular, with the impressive use of artificial intelligence, capable of speeding up and improving this type of process, bringing more efficiency and security to insurers and the people involved.

“Technology is advancing rapidly and bringing significant benefits to various sectors, also impacting the way we deal with claims and insurance in general in a significant way”, says Keila.

Furthermore, the use of Artificial Intelligence plays a fundamental role in detecting fraud attempts, a constant challenge for insurance companies. In other words, for Keila Farias, it is comforting to know that the tools and mechanisms to speed up the payment of compensation can also identify and inhibit possible fraud attempts.

Link: https://noticiasdoseguro.org.br/noticias/transformacao-digital-chega-a-liquidacao-de-sinistros-do-seguro-de-automovel


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