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25/11/2022 | Fonte: SONHO SEGURO

Priority must be given to positive coexistence between generations, reinforces the International Longevity Forum

Sponsored by Bradesco Saúde and Bradesco Vida e Previdência, the meeting addressed ancestry, working relationships, and the importance of thinking about aging from now on.
Denise Bueno

Priority must be given to positive coexistence between generations from approaches that impact the whole of society. This was one of the main messages given by specialists such as Alexandre Kalache, physician, gerontologist and president of the International Center for Longevity Brazil, and Karla Giacomin, geriatric physician and former president of CNDI – National Council for the Rights of the Elderly, at the International Forum on Longevity (academic edition – managed by ILC BR – International Longevity Center Brazil), held last Wednesday, the 23rd, at the headquarters of Grupo Bradesco Seguros, in Rio de Janeiro.

“This edition of the forum had, as a guiding thread, perhaps the most important thing in our country today, which is harmony between generations. Brazil is in a very fast aging process. We will be among the three countries that will age faster by the year 2050. What we did at this meeting was to show intergenerational harmony in art, culture, science, education, health, the family, in the city where people live. And, in the end, we brought the harmony that transcends the generations that are here, with the issue of ancestry so well represented by Conceição Evaristo”, says Alexandre Kalache, responsible for curating the International Longevity Forum, which was supported by Bradesco Saúde and Bradesco Life and Pension.

Among the speakers, we highlight the renowned presence of the linguist and writer Conceição Evaristo, in the panel on Ancestrality, and of the dancer and choreographer Ivaldo Bertazzo, in the conversation about Art. Segments such as Society, LGBTQIA+60, Work and Health were also covered by the debate.

“We, at Grupo Bradesco Seguros, are very proud to have supported Forums for more than 10 years to debate the topic of Longevity, which reinforces the pillars of prevention and comprehensive care as catalysts for a new awareness. Longevity is a topic today in the construction of a quality and healthy future. This year’s dialogues promoted unique meetings bringing intergenerationality and the legacy of each generation to the transformation of society”, says Alexandre Nogueira, Marketing director of the Bradesco Seguros group.


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