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12/11/2020 | Fonte: CQCS

Stolen wheels: see in what situation auto insurance can cover the loss

A serious problem in Brazil is the high incidence of car theft and theft and this includes theft of car wheels. A survey by the federal government found that, between 2015 and 2019, 1,103,606 crimes of this type were recorded in the country. Many people do not know, but there are some conditions for the insured to have access to compensation in the event of a claim with these accessories.

In an interview with CQCS, Dorival Alves, vice president of marketing at Fenacor, explained that auto insurance may or may not indemnify the insured in case of theft or theft of the vehicle’s wheels. “This will depend on what is detailed in the insurance policy because many factors matter, especially if it is an original car wheel or not,” he said.

He also pointed out that when the stolen wheels are original, the situation is interpreted as a traditional insurance coverage, known as comprehensive coverage.

“This is considered a type of partial loss and, therefore, the payment of the deductible is mandatory. This means that to replace only the wheels of the vehicle, the insured will pay the deductible and his insurance will pay the difference ”

However, there are insurance companies that act differently when the matter is exclusively related to wheels. “Thus, if the only damage caused to the vehicle is the stolen wheels, certain insurers may deny the indemnity.”

On the other hand, in the case of wheel models that are not original from the factory, the insurance company should not bear the losses. “The vehicle owner will need to make a separate contract if he wants his insurance to include wheel protection. This type of guarantee fits the auto insurance coverage for accessories, ”explained Dorival.

In any case, according to Alves, it is essential that the insured seek the assistance of the Insurance Broker to understand the situation in which his case fits. “It is very important to inform when hiring an auto insurance policy whether the vehicle wheels are original from the factory or not,” he said.


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