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18/05/2020 | Published by: ANSP

ANSP holds Academic Night with possession of 30 new Academics

Last night, at Casa Traffô in São Paulo, the National Academy of Insurance and Welfare – ANSP held its traditional Academic Night. On that occasion, ANSP granted the title of honorary Scholar, installed 30 new Scholars and awarded two commendations. In the first moment of the ceremony, Solange Vieira, Superintendent of SUSEP, was awarded the title of Honorary Scholar. This title is granted to personalities who demonstrate intimacy with academic activities, especially those aimed at the institution of insurance, private pension and related activities. Soon after, 30 new Academics were installed. They are: Álvaro Luiz Soares Trilho, Anderson Gomes Ferreira da Silva, Antonio Americo de Aquino, Antônio Carlos Camano, Carlos André Meyer Sabóia Cordeiro, Carlos Eduardo de Mori Luporini, Carlos Otávio Limongi France, Cristina dos Santos Domingues, Edgar Silva Grassi, Ellen Mary de Oliveira, Fabrízio Krapf Costa, Flávio Bevilácqua Bosisio, Giancarlo Giacomini Germany, Inaldo Bezerra Silva Júnior, Jacó Carlos Silva Coelho, Landulfo de Oliveira Ferreira Júnior, Luiz Macoto Sakamoto, Marcele Lemos, Marcelo Blay, Marcelo Rodrigues Elias, Márcio João Guerrero, Paulo Henrique Cremonezze, Paulo Rogério Haüptli, Pedro Guilherme Gonçalves de Souza, Reinaldo Antonio Gomes Marques,, Sandra Regina Odeli, Simone Vizani, Tarcisio Jose Massote de Godoy, Wagner Sérgio Zaveri Jr. and Wilma Gomes Torres. Then, the ANSP Commendation was given, awarded to personalities who have contributed significantly to the dissemination and development of the Brazilian insurance sector. João Francisco Silveira Borges da Costa was honored and, on behalf of Marco Antonio Rossi (In Memoriam), the sons Marcela Moreschi Rossi, Mariana Moreschi Rossi and Marco Antônio Moreschi Rossi. “The Commendation is a way of recognizing the commitment of personalities who have contributed so much to the development of the sector, it is always an honor to be able to honor them”, explains Mauro Batista, President of the Superior Council of ANSP. For the President of ANSP, João Marcelo dos Santos, the ceremony was a special moment. “We commemorate the entrance of highly qualified Academics who honor us with their interest in the Academy, the delivery of commendations to João Francisco and Marco Antonio Rossi, who deserve all the honors, and the granting of the title of Honorary Academic to the Superintendent of SUSEP, it is a symbol of the renewal process that the country and the insurance sector are going through ”, he concludes. http://www.revistacobertura.com.br/

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