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Real Estate Law


In the Real EState sector, our Office operates in various segments. The Real EState Law ro0tS lie in the property law, a branch of law that deals with and adjusts various aspects ofprivate life, such as: Lease and Rental Charges, Purchasing and Selling of real estate, Adverse Possession and Financing. The legal advice we provide in lease agreements containing the Rental Surety Insurance or the Capitalization Bond as modalities of lease guarantees provided for in Law 8.245/1991 1991 encouraged the to in the real estate field.

In the Indemnification area, our clients’needs are addressed by a specialized department that handles both in-court and out-of-court collections. The service flow is designed precisely to avoid litigation, since settlement is the best way forward. Ourfocus lies on the out-of-court negotiation; however, if the debtor chooses to decline this opportunity for settlement, the creditor receives an Opinion regarding the debtor’s risk, feasibility and solvency. This detailed analysis contributes to the decision-makinyprocess, whether it involves a lawsuit or even shelving the case. It is our Indemnification rates, combined with our accuracy, that turn efficiency into results.

The Rural Insurance field is also part of our expertise. This type of insurance aligns with the agricultural policy plan provided for in the Federal Constitution, presenting itself as an essencial instrument in favor of minimizing risks, once it avoids financial losses resultingfrom climate changes that have been occurring in the recentyears. The aim of our legal advisory is to promote the universalization of the rural insurance culture in order to strengthenthe market.


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